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Whether you see it or not, your donation changes lives

Sometimes the arts boldly burst into your life. You see a dazzling array of spectacularly costumed dancers whisking across the stage in The Nutcracker or a painting so painstakingly rendered that you do a double-take when you realize it's not a photograph. Then you join the hundreds of people who suddenly throng the downtown streets for ArtWalk or the Arts & Crafts Fair.

At other times the arts do their important work quietly and behind the scenes. A team of high school students collaborate on the mural of cosmic whales that now graces the entrance to the Galaxy Gallery in the alley; third-graders at Southside Elementary are empowered by Missoula Children's Theatre's acting workshop to perform their own musical about fish finding friendship. And then there's the Kaleidoscope volunteer teacher who believes in art education so much that he expands the program from monthly to weekly lessons for his students.

The Pend Oreille Arts Council makes all of these experiences possible, both public and in the classroom, both joyous and contemplative. But sometimes these experiences are not easily accessible for all of the students and families in our community. Your generous donation, of any size, helps us create inspiring and educational moments for all.

Your commitment to the arts is a commitment to inspiration, creation, education, and community. POAC's commitment as an organization is to promote the arts and to significantly enhance the impact of the arts and arts education on the quality of life in North Idaho. You can be a part of our culturally rich community by joining our efforts to invigorate the arts through education, support, and practice.

With the Pend Oreille Arts Council, you can make your belief in the importance of the arts count. The programs we provide are designed to be free or affordable to all people of North Idaho and are vital to a healthy arts community. With your help, POAC will continue to create the best environment for the arts to thrive. Your support makes art happen!

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